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Swedish Researcher

Yvonne, Swedish Researcher

Hi, My name is Yvonne and I live in Sweden.
My GREATEST interest is genealogy. Do you want to find your ancestral roots in Sweden?
I would like to help you! It can sometimes be a bit "tricky" but I am stubborn and will not give up so easily!

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Roots in Sweden?

Want to know more about your ancestors who emigrated from Sweden?

Genealogy is not just for celebrities on television, for example the program "Who do you think you are". Also you have the opportunity to know who your ancestors were. Genealogy is exciting but for the inexperienced very time consuming. That's why I like to research for you.

New testimonial from Chris Enlund Baity, Wyoming, USA

Chris (Christine) Enlund BaityI am absolutely amazed that you were able to find so much information about my family. I called my mother (who is in the nursing home) and told her about it. She was thrilled.

I told her I’d send her a copy of your report. It was put together so nicely and it was so interesting to read about how some of them died and about the jobs they had.
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Testimonial from John & Cindy Dodd, Australia

This was a wonderful experience for my wife and her larger family still living in America to finally learn the correct names of her great grandfather & mother.

Anders PerssonRead more at the Testimonial pages.

Testimonial from Chris Clark, Australia

Robert CarlsonThanks to your research, the understanding that my brothers and I had of our grandfather Olof Johansson’s family in Sweden has suddenly expanded beyond all our imagining.

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Have you hit the Brick Wall?

I want to help you further. I have access to several databases of church records from around 1780-2009 to search in, and it´s for all parishes in Sweden. Stubbornness is important, but sometimes it is mission impossible, because the church records are simply missing.
Do not hesitate to contact me, even if you are unsure of the source data.

The first initial search is free! Then I find out if there is enough evidence to continue the search on.

10 years of searching is over!

Robert CarlsonDear Yvonne, It was a god-send to have found you after years of unsuccessful searches ...

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Emigrant lists

I've added some lists, of people who emigrated from Södra Säm and Finnekumla parishes in Älvsborgs County, Sweden.

Have you heard about J. Hugo Aronson?

J. Hugo AronsonNo, probably not. But perhaps you've heard about "The Galloping Swede"!
Read more about the man who came from Södra Säm in Sweden in 1911, worked hard and became governor in Montana USA 1953-1961.

When Andrew Chilberg met President Roosevelt

Ted RooseveltAndrew was a keen follower of politics, socialist in his views, and he got upset about how President Teddy Roosevelt was handling the building of the Panama Canal.

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All for Sweden, season 2012 - Great feelings and cultural clashes

All for Sweden

10 Americans in a competition in Sweden to find their Swedish roots.
Only one of them will meet their Swedish relatives.
Do not forget your tissue ... So much emotions ... (Approx. 60 minutes)

Now, video support for more WEB-browsers.
The first minute is in Swedish, then English.

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All for Sweden, a program from the Swedish Television SVT1