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Frida Margareta Åström

moving to Sundsvall 19/10 1891, was living in Stockholm nov. 1897. Was 28 years.

Father:Abraham Abrahamsson Åström (1830 - 1876)
Mother:Margareta Christina Pehrsdotter Nolund (1841 - 1892)

Born:1872-01-27 Nordmaling, Västerbottens län 1)
Dead:1900-10-23 Adolf Fredriks församling, Stockholm 2)

Family with Karl Axel Hjalmar Blomgren (1870 - >1909)

Marriage:1897-05-23 Katarina församling, Stockholm


See page 14 in " Our Northern Heritage": "After her father's death in 1876, a well-to-do couple took Frida as a foster daughter, She was four. They gave her a very good home, and she went to school from the time she was five until she was sixteen. She became a type-setter for books and new spapers. This was in Olofsfors.

From the "Folkräkningen 1890. Nordmaling församling": Her foster parents were - Johan Ersson b 1819 Nordmaling and Brita Johanna Asp b 1835 Nordmaling. Johan Ersson was a "worker" so he probably worked for the Olofsfors Ironworks and lived in Company housing.

GID 2012.25.16800 Nordmaling AI:14C Household Examination 1873-1880 does not show her. GID 2102.29.35400 Nordmaling AI:15C Household Examination 1880-1890 p720/0 identifies her as a foster daughter, living in Olofsfors. She moved to Sundsval 23OCT1890, married there and eventually moved to Stockholm where she died giving birth to her first child."

flytt till Sundsvall 19/10 1891
Nordmaling BI:3, 1884-1894, sid 74

Personal History

1872 Birth 1872-01-27 Nordmaling, Västerbottens län.  1)
1874 2 years Sister Alma Johanna Åström is born 1874-04-27 Flarke, Gideå, Västerbottens Län 3).
1874 2 years Sister Theolinda Christina Åström dies 1874-08-20 Flarke, Gideå, Västerbottens Län 3).
1876 4 years Father Abraham Abrahamsson Åström dies 1876-04-29 Bergsjö, Nordmaling, Västerbottens Län 3).
1876 4 years Brother Abraham Åström is born 1876-06-22 Bergsjö, Nordmaling, Västerbottens Län 4).
1876 4 years Brother Abraham Åström dies 1876-09-19 Bergsjö, Nordmaling, Västerbottens Län 5).
1892 20 years Mother Margareta Christina Pehrsdotter Nolund dies 1892-07-26 Bergsjö, Nordmaling, Västerbottens Län 3).
1897 25 years Marriage Karl Axel Hjalmar Blomgren 1897-05-23 Katarina församling, Stockholm.
1900 28 years Death 1900-10-23 Adolf Fredriks församling, Stockholm.  2)


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