Personal Record

Paul Raymond Sielaff

Was at most 67 years.

Born:1896-09-02 Detroit, Michigan
Dead:1964-02 Detroit, Michigan

Family with Amy Violet Johnson (1898 - 1987)

Marriage:1926 Detroit, Michigan

Paul Edwin Sielaff (1927 - )
Gerald Ward Sielaff (1930 - )



One of 14 children, all born in the U S. - maybe next to youngest.
Parents came from Koenigsburg, East Prussia. Came to U S in 1870's.

Lived on Antietam Street in Detroit
Worked as a print setter at the Detroit Times and moved to East Orang e, NJ shortly after marriage because of a layoff at the Times.

Relatives mostly in DTW, MKE and MSP per Paul E. Sielaff.

Personal History

1896 Birth 1896-09-02 Detroit, Michigan.
1898 2 years Spouse Amy Violet Johnson is born 1898-10-20 South Bend, St Joseph, Indiana.
1926 Marriage Amy Violet Johnson 1926 Detroit, Michigan.
1927 30 years Son Paul Edwin Sielaff is born 1927-05-17 East Orange, New Jersey.
1930 33 years Son Gerald Ward Sielaff is born 1930-07-16 Highland Park, Michigan.
1964 Death 1964-02 Detroit, Michigan.