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Barbara McKinley Sielaff

Is 45 years.

Father:Gerald Ward Sielaff (1930 - )
Mother:Barbara Ann Gourley (1933 - )

Born:1966-11-14 Patchouge, Long Island, New York



From a 2001 letter written by her Father:

"Mac is living in Ft Collins, CO with a professor of Pol. Sci. at U of Wy o. She's supposed to be a librarian. She was a librarian at U of Wyo wh en she was living with a cowboy."

Personal History

1966 Birth 1966-11-14 Patchouge, Long Island, New York.
1970 4 years Sister Clara Ranier Sielaff is born 1970-11-18 Camden, New Jersey.